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Monday, May 30, 2011

Wagon Fun!

Sorry there haven't been regular daily updates these past two weeks! First we were on the boat, then we spent a weekend in Sunriver, and it hasn't quite worked out to "blog on the run"! But as of yesterday, we are home (and should be for awhile...) so you can expect regular updates on the triplets' outdoor adventures!

The babies celebrated their 2nd birthday on May 15th, and with the money their Great Grandpa and Grandma sent them, Mama was able to buy them a red, Radio Flyer wagon!!! I found a great, slightly used one online - and it was actually perfect timing because the fold-up double stroller we have been using for about a year is starting to buckle under the weight of a rapidly growing Oliver (with a little help from Audrey). Oliver is absolutely in LOVE with "his" wagon and won't let anyone pull it except him. And even though it's quite heavy with both sisters loaded in, he can actually pull them around pretty well - little stud!

Here are some photos from their first outing in their little red wagon! It even has seatbelts and cupholders - here's to riding in safety and style!

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  1. they look like they are having a blast! :)