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Sunday, August 7, 2011

BBQ with Friends and Our New Pool!

Last Saturday we spent the afternoon in Madras at the home of our good friends, The Dodsons. We had a bbq with lots of friends from church, and the kids had free reign of their large fenced yard, toys, kiddy pool, and play structure! Although we ended up with some gnarly mosquito bites, the fun we had was well worth it:)

And yesterday, Daddy set up our very own pool for our backyard! Grandma Marsha bought it for the babies quite some time ago, and this weekend it was finally hot enough and we finally bought a pump to blow it up! We didn't fill it up very high, but the kids had a blast walking around in it, using their cups to dump it over the side...and on each other!

My little Coppertone baby:)

Capri Sun juice break!

What, Mom? I'm busy here!

Our new pool at home!

Playing in the pool with Lydi

Ice Cream!

The really cool swing



Friday, July 29, 2011

Our Bathing Beauty

Gracie spent the day on Grandpa and Grandma's boat on Lake Billy Chinook! She came home so happy (and tired!) but before we put her to bed I just had to snap a picture of her in her cute little bathing suit...what a doll!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cousins' Week and Surrey Rides

My nephews Donovan, Garrett, and Cory are up visiting for a few weeks so my Dad had bright orange T-shirts made for each kid with their names on the back in honor of "Cousins' Week" (so cute). Our first group endeavor was going down to the Old Mill this morning to rent a Surrey Bike! Donovan and Grandpa went on an early morning fishing trip, so Garrett, Cory, and Grandma met me and the triplets for a ride. We had a blast (well, except on the hills!), and it couldn't have been a more lovely day! And we finished our adventure with lunch at Red Robin - the kids had a blast...and so did Terri and I :)

Getting ready for our surrey ride!

Grace is lookin' good

We loaded that thing with kids!

Beautiful, beautiful Bend

Grandma and Garrett

Oliver and Cory havin' a good time

Grandma and Gracie going down the slide

Heading over to Red Robin


"We want burgers! We want burgers!"

The Wonderful Fantastic Incredible Triplet Mobile

(Please excuse the no-makeup face:))

So I decided to buy a bike. And then I decided to buy a bike trailer. And then, since I could only fit 2 kids in the trailer, I decided to buy a mountable seat for the front of my bike, too. All of which my poor husband had to assemble and mount for me (seriously, what language do they write instruction manuals in???). He was such a trooper and got everything all set up for us and now I can take all three kids on a bike ride each day - although the rides are pretty short since it's a pretty intense workout hauling all that around - PHEW! We are loving it - and it has been absolutely gorgeous here in Bend this week. Oh man, I've never seen such a bright blue sky.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Planting "Baybel"

Today we planted basil seeds! I let the kids fill the pots with dirt with their little shovels, I sprinkled in the seeds, and then they took turns watering them! It was so much fun - and Ollie kept pointing to the pots and saying "baybel! baybel!"