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Sunday, August 7, 2011

BBQ with Friends and Our New Pool!

Last Saturday we spent the afternoon in Madras at the home of our good friends, The Dodsons. We had a bbq with lots of friends from church, and the kids had free reign of their large fenced yard, toys, kiddy pool, and play structure! Although we ended up with some gnarly mosquito bites, the fun we had was well worth it:)

And yesterday, Daddy set up our very own pool for our backyard! Grandma Marsha bought it for the babies quite some time ago, and this weekend it was finally hot enough and we finally bought a pump to blow it up! We didn't fill it up very high, but the kids had a blast walking around in it, using their cups to dump it over the side...and on each other!

My little Coppertone baby:)

Capri Sun juice break!

What, Mom? I'm busy here!

Our new pool at home!

Playing in the pool with Lydi

Ice Cream!

The really cool swing



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