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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mud Sandcastles

The kids really wanted to play in their sandbox today. Thankfully, Robert drilled a few holes in the side for water drainage as it has been raining on and off this past week (and hailing, and snowing). So even though there was no more standing water, the sand was still pretty wet and muddy. But I decided, why not? We can always throw them in the tub afterwards; what's one more load of laundry anyway?! :) So they got in the muddy sandbox and I showed them how to make sandcastles - which they happily destroyed 1.2 seconds after I made them. And that's what we did for about 15 minutes; I built a castle, they destroyed a castle, and so on and so forth until it got too cold. Then they came inside for a warm bath and a nap, and less than an hour later there was a huge thunderstorm complete with lightning and hail. Hello, June!

Muddy hugs...

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  1. DE-struction is always more fun than CON-struction!