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Thursday, June 9, 2011

High Desert Museum

I bought an annual pass to the High Desert Museum and it has become a great place to take the kids for an hour or two to get them out of the house. But since we purchased the pass, it has been too cold to take the kids to the outdoor exhibits so we've covered (and I mean, covered) every square inch of the interior:) But yesterday, the weather finally changed for good! Summer is here! So Grandpa Gene, his sister Anita (who is visiting from Texas - and who I met for the very first time yesterday at the High Desert Museum!), and Anita's daughter, Lisa, (Robert's cousin), met the babies and I at the museum for an afternoon of fun - and we got to go outside! We saw the otter, and all the birds of prey, too! And along our walk we even saw some really cool beetles and chipmunks in their natural habitat! It was a lot of fun, and so special to share it with Grandpa, Great Auntie Nita and cousin Lisa:)

Lisa and Gracie

More Benningtons! :)

"Let's share"

Checking out the Bald Eagles

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