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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sidewalk Chalk and Hopscotch

Today's activity varied a little from our normal routine of heading into the backyard for "enclosed" outdoor play! This morning we headed out the FRONT door into ungated terrain to draw on the sidewalk with egg-shaped sidewalk chalk! It was the triplets' first real experience with sidewalk chalk and their responses varied from immediate drawing (Audrey), to chucking of the egg into the street (Grace), to trying to stuff the delicious-looking (?) blue one into his mouth (um, OLIVER). They scribbled for a few seconds and then were quickly distracted, so I drew out a hopscotch course and showed the kids how to jump on one foot:) They did that for about 2 seconds as well and then resorted to picking dandelions. Just about that time the wind really kicked up so we packed up and headed back into the warmth and safety of our home. Audrey was supremely troubled by the fact that she could not carry her chalk eggs around inside the house, so the last picture I snapped was of her sad little face protesting the removal of her beloved chalks. Poor girl!

Oh, Ollie, doesn't your mama ever feed you?!

Hahaha - lovin' that "wind in the hair" 'do, Gracie!

Time outside: 15 minutes
Something gained: Learning how to "write"

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