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Monday, May 9, 2011

Feeder Hanging and Flower Hunting

Our new hummingbird feeder!

So...it looks like some of the activities in the book are geared more towards pre-schoolers and elementary age children, but I skimmed some of her springtime ideas and came up with this little combination of my own: hanging a hummingbird feeder together and "hunting" for flowers! I think the triplets will be even more impressed when they actually see birdies at the trough, but they sure liked "hunting" for flowers (Gracie even ripped off a few leaves and buds, and Ollie got a thorn in his finger from the rosebush - oops), and then they trotted off and spent a little time sliding and a little time in the sandbox!

Time outdoors: 55 min
Something gained: Audrey said the word "flower bud" after seeing one on the cherry blossom tree!

Admiring their work... :)

I took turns lifting each one so they could get a close-up of the feeder

Pointing out the tulip bud

A cherry blossom

The triplets did a little bit of "kitty hunting" too - but she did her best to hide!

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